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Asia Trafo Co Ltd

Asia Trafo Company Limited [ ASIA TRAFO ]

Carrying out business Electrical engineering system design, procurement, construction, installation, and management of complete electrical engineering services. Including the construction of electrical substations, production and distribution of electrical transformers under the name "ASIA TRAFO" from sizes 30 - 30000 kVA. Voltage systems 1 - 36 kV. Can be produced according to the requirements of national standards (TIS / TIS). and international standards (IEC, ANSI/IEEE ,DIN/VDE) 

Oil Immersed Transformers
Current Transformers
Voltage Transformers
Asia Trafo

Product feature

Repairing electrical transformers. Repairing high voltage transformers.
Asia Trafo repairs before the transformer breaks down or if there is a power outage. It is a planned power outage. Makes it possible to cope with the consequences that will follow.

Transformer maintenance and cleaning service Change the transformer oil filter or change the transformer oil. Change the bushing gasket. Cable block replacement
Inspect electrical control equipment, MDB cabinets, ACB cabinets, cap bank cabinets, inspect all electrical connection points.

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